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#04201616 Magicians Copper Pot Vintage from the 1900's!

We have inherited this immense copper pot with a trap floor.  The first measurement is for the height of the pot and the second measurement (fourth picture) is for the width.  Interior seems lined with abestos type lining.  There is a spigot on the side that could have been used for smoke?  The articles shown reference Houdini, but we can not prove the provenance to be 100% sure of accuracy.  This did come from the estate of Howard Khouri, Sr., an executive with Florida Power and he obtained the pot thru Sue and Howard Lawton of St. Petersburg, Florida in the 1960's.  The Laughtons were purported to have been friends and or neighbors of the Houdinis.  At the very least, the mysteries this pot must have seen are many!  Listed on Ebay.   Local Pickup or Arranged Qualified, Insured Shipping Only


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